Month: August 2017

Booklist Review: All Eyes and Ears

BOOKLIST REVIEW March 2017 All Eyes and Ears “The relationship between China and the U.S. is often fraught over disagreements on human rights and other issues. This insightful program follows former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman as he relocates his family, including adopted daughter Gracie Mei, to China. Huntsman and family visit far- reaching […]

VL Review: All Eyes and Ears

VIDEO LIBRARIAN REVIEW All Eyes and Ears Jon Huntsman, former governor of Utah and a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is reportedly slated to be Donald Trump’s ambassador to Russia. Filmmaker Vanessa Hope’s documentary centers on Huntsman’s ambassadorship to China under Barack Obama from 2009-11, which was a natural fit since Huntsman speaks fluent Mandarin (he […]

EMRO Review: All Eyes and Ears

EMRO REVIEW All Eyes and Ears “This exquisitely done production uses the Ambassadorship of Jon Huntsman, Jr. to the People’s Republic of China (2009-2011) as a vehicle to look at a number of issues in contemporary China and its relationship with the United States. The main focus is on Huntsman’s adopted daughter, Gracie Mei, who […]

Booklist Review: Growing Up Coy

BOOKLIST REVIEW April 2017 Growing Up Coy Even as a four-year-old boy, Coy gravitated toward feminine toys, colors, and behaviors. Initially reluctant, Coy’s parents let their child identify as a girl, but at school, the six-year-old is not allowed to use the girls’ washroom. With an impending court battle and with the assistance of a […]

VL Review: Growing Up Coy

VIDEO LIBRARIAN REVIEW May/June 2017  (Volume 32, Issue 3) Growing Up Coy ***1/2 Coy Mathis, a 6-year-old transgender girl living in a conservative Colorado town, just wants to live a normal life. Her parents, Jeremy and Kathryn, are doing everything they can to help her. Filmmaker Eric Juhola’s Growing Up Coy documents their efforts to […]