Official My Lowe’s Life Login Portal Simple Guidance

My Lowes Life is an online portal created by Lowes for its employees. This is a one-stop solution to all the employees as they can access the information related to their employment. That is, it allows them to access all the important information such as their benefits programs, work schedules, retirement plans, payrolls and much more. To access this information, you need to login to the My Lowes Life Login Portal. This information can be accessed at any time and from anywhere. In order to get access, employees must first register themselves to obtain a User ID and a Password.

The official website of the company, was launched 10 years back in 2009. My lowes life website proved to be very helpful for the employees; both for those who have already worked with my lowes life and those who are working currently with the company.

My Lowe’s life is the official website of the company named Lowe’s company. Their stores ranked as the 2nd largest in the United States. Not only in the US, but it is also actually the 2nd largest home-improvement & hardware chain found in the world. Through their official website, employees of this company enjoy the benefits of maintaining a connection with the co-workers.


If you are a former Lowe’s employee and intend to utilize this myloweslife official employee portal. After that just click the “Visit this site” button provided listed below the choice “Are you a former employee?”. After which you will be required to another page called My Lowe’s Conveniences. Here, you can access solutions like eTrade, Wells Fargo, COBRA benefits, etc that are offered specially for previous employees.

Requirements & Instructions

For My Lowes Life Login, you will require:

  • A PC or a Laptop or a Smartphone with internet access.
  • An internet browser/web browser.
  • My Lowes Life login credentials i.e. User ID and Password.

Myloweslife Login Process

Keep in mind, only Lowe’s employees, as well as accredited customers, are enabled to use this on the internet portal. Being an employee you could obtain the login information from the Lowes Human Resources group. Discover out a login option on the home page which you can conveniently discover to access your account. After entering that information you could click on the login button.

Those users who did not adhere to the first step, you could also Google search lowes employee portal and you can log in from there. Customers can make use of search terms such as ‘myloweslife’, ‘lowe’s,’ ‘my lowes life’, ‘lowes portal’, etc. You will obtain a checklist of search results, choose the one which looks most appropriate as well as tap on it to be guided to the Lowes employee web site.

After getting access, workers will certainly see option part ‘permanent’ or ‘part-time’. Select one of them that fits your job jurisdiction. You will certainly be guided to its homepage, as soon as you have actually picked among them. At the top of the screen, the homepage showcases a navigation bar along with a search bar that you could use to locate the topics associated with your passion.


​Do not stress if you do not remember your myloweslife account password, you can easily recover it by following the below-discussed steps.

  • Access the myloweslife authorities portal.
  • Currently, click the “Forgot Password” alternative provided simply over the login button.
  • Now that you have clicked on “Forgot Password” quickly you will arrive on the next page where you will be asked to answer the security inquiry.

What Can You Expect From a $200 Drone?

here are a lot of good drones on the market today, figuring out what you want and need of a flying machine is a smart place to start, as is finding your ideal budget. We’re here to help – complimenting our other priced drone lists, let’s explore and always be careful with drones under budget $200. As you probably know, budget or entry-level drones do not typically offer the premium features or performance associated with high-end drones. For example, unlike high-end drone models, most budget drones lack high-quality cameras with image stabilization features.

In fact, some do not even come with a camera. Secondly, budget drones generally have an average flight time of between 7 and 12 minutes. In comparison, high-end drones have an average flight time of 25 to 30 minutes, meaning they fly twice as long as entry-level drones. Thirdly, the average operating (flight) distance for these drones ranges anywhere from 100 meters to about 500 meters depending on the actual price of the drone. By comparison, the average flight distance for high-end drones, such as the DJI Mavic Pro, ranges anywhere from 2,000 meters to 7,000 meters.

What can you expect from a $200 drone?

A $200 drone in today’s market is going to be the higher-end of the toy class quadcopters. These will be simple machines with lower-end cameras but may offer GPS or other tools to allow stable flight and even an autonomous hover mode.

Let’s be clear, a drone at this price point should be thought of as a fun way to experience flight, and you certainly will. Drones in this range, however, are not ideal camera drones.


The АА108 from Altair Aerial is an ambitious drone that aims to please the crowds with its sophisticated design, a great set of features and top-notch customer service. Altair Aerial is a USA-based company that strives to fix the errors of the Chinese manufacturers of cheaper quadcopters which often offer half-translated manuals and pretty much non-existent customer support.

And this is where this drone shines – you can’t help but think Altair has put themselves into their consumers’ shoes – you get an extra battery for a total flight time of just under 20 minutes, a cardboard cutout that fits directly onto the remote controller, showing you all of its functions and features and of course gives you plenty of features to play with:

A 720p camera with FPV feed controls that easy to use by virtually anyone due to 3 different flying modes, a one-touch takeoff/landing button, headless mode and altitude hold, custom route mapping, low battery and out of range alarms and more.

  • SYMA X8G

This beautiful red Syma quadcopter is surely right on track with the Christmas holiday theme However, the candy red paint is not the only thing worth mentioning about this aircraft – there’s plenty more because, for the price tag of around $150, this quadcopter gives you plenty of features.

One of the best things about this drone is that it comes with its own 8 MP Syma HD Camera, capable of shooting in 1080p (or 720p, if you want to), and which gives you a significantly better image over the competition, priced similarly.

As a matter of fact, the Syma X8G also supports what most of its competitors have, as well – Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, and 360-degree flips are also present here.

You can fly the quad till around 100m of distance, for a total flight time of about 6-8 minutes. Not ideal, but still very close to what’s the average for this price.

What I like about this particular Syma drone is that it flies extremely well, even in stronger winds – it keeps the image stable, and the hover functionality is great to have. Definitely a must-buy product!

Are There Side Effects from Purefit Keto?

Purefit KETO is a supplement that provides you with the benefits o fat burning and getting into ketosis without having to make changes to your food choices. It is all great, but you have to be careful to not get too much into marketing hype.

PurefitKeto is a diet plan supplement that promises weight loss, perfect BHB formula, and improved lifestyle within 30 days period. It has become an incredibly popular weight loss tool that can naturally kick you into an instant fat-burning state.

Now, as all keto dieters know, getting into ketosis and staying there can be a lot of hard work and discipline. You might already wonder about purefit keto reviews and results and whether there’s any real approved science behind the product.

Are There Side Effects from Purefit KETO?

It is no secret that the early stages of keto come with quite a few side effects. These are unpleasant, and the experience does mean that a lot of people will struggle with motivation. The effects that people struggle with the most are brain fog, fatigue, and dizziness. All of these are down to the fact that your body is desperately trying to find a new source of energy.

This process, known as keto induction, will generally last between a few days and a couple of weeks. But there are a few things you can do to reduce those effects. One of those options you have is to use supplements to create a ketosis-like effect temporarily, which is what Purefit claims to do.

By increasing blood ketone levels while your body is not producing enough of them yet, you can get the energy boost required to feel less tired and have more mental clarity. Your muscles and brain won’t be starved of energy, which can help you feel better than you otherwise would.

However, before you think that just doubling your dose will get rid of all the keto-flu symptoms, we have to add a word of caution. Exceeding the recommended dose of Purefit can result in some stomach upset and nausea.

BHB salts are generally safe to take, but just like with anything good for you, if you overdo it, then some negative things can happen. The message is: don’t increase the dose in the hope to get better results.

Was the Purefit Keto Shark Tank Ad Real?

This caused some controversy early in Purefit Keto’s life. What happened was that an early web advertisement claimed that their product had been funded through the popular TV show Shark Tank. So was it?

No, it wasn’t. It’s not listed in any of Shark Tank’s episode guides, either on their website or elsewhere. However, the Better Business Bureau does confirm that the ad appeared on Purefit’s website, with an image that came from an unrelated episode of Shark Tank. The BBB also confirms that, as far as they can tell, Purefit Keto was never featured on Shark Tank. We weren’t able to find the offending ads now, because they were – understandably – removed from the web.

This looks like a case of someone on Purefit’s marketing team getting overenthusiastic and exaggerating. It also looks like Purefit did the right thing once someone pointed out their mistake, and removed the ad.

Which Virtual Reality Headset Should You Buy?

Strap on a powerful virtual reality headset and prepare to play your games with all your senses. This incredible technology can transport you into the heart of many video games and experiences. There are a variety of headsets available all providing a deeply immersive VR experience, so you can enjoy the next dimension of gaming. Browse headsets, accessories and best VR headsets for PC games.

Which VR headset should you buy?

Honestly, price and platform will make most of the decision for you – there aren’t any headsets for console gamers besides PlayStation VR and, if you need a standalone headset, you’re basically stuck with the Oculus Quest.

At the moment, the four best on the market – the Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR – are unsurprisingly the most expensive of all the mainstream VR headset offerings, but there are some less expensive options if you’d rather dip your toes into VR before spending your entire paycheck.

Each headset has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, and if you’re not aware of these before you buy, it could be a very costly mistake to make. But that’s exactly why we put this guide together.


Imagine Resident Evil where the horrors are right there in front of you, clawing at your face with their disgusting, decaying hands; or Ace Combat where you can see the missiles whoosh past your ear, fizzing as they harmlessly sail into the blue skies. Imagine a dating sim where you can reach out and touch… okay, you’ve probably got the picture now.

The point is that the PlayStation VR headset is now well established, and developers have been busy unlocking the potential of PlayStation 4’s powerful virtual reality headset. There have been some gimmicky uses for it, sure, but it’s been carefully massaged into numerous games already, and it looks as though a follow-up might be on the way soon.

Google Cardboard

Google’s Cardboard headset is the cheapest, simplest way to experience virtual reality. I dare say you even get more than you pay for. All you have to do to join a growing selection of virtual lands and games is download the Google Cardboard app and fasten your smartphone into the cardboard case.

The set up is as basic the headset’s exterior, but it has a small magnetic switch on the side which can be used to perform simple actions within games or adventures. The Cardboard is ideal if you want to treat your children to their first virtual reality experience without overspending, as well as being a pretty fun party trick. Some great apps include Google Arts and Culture or Within VR, which has a range of videos and documentaries.

Google Daydream

Google and Samsung were the biggest names in mobile VR, with Google Cardboard and the Daydream View, and Samsung’s line of Gear VR headsets. They respectively worked with Google’s and Samsung’s flagship phones, like the Pixel 3 and the Galaxy S9. However, both companies have been very quiet over the last year or so about the category, with Samsung in particular not having pursued a Gear VR that works with the S10 or Note 10 phones.

Google continues to support the Daydream View, though we’ll see if any update is revealed when the Pixel 4 is announced later this year. If you have compatible phones, these headsets offer functional 3DOF VR experiences for just $60 to $130. You slide your phone into one, put it on your head, and start tapping away with the included remote. It’s interesting, but underwhelming next to tethered and 6DOF standalone VR experiences. And, if you don’t have the right phone and are fine with 3DOF, spending $200 on an Oculus Go is less of an investment than using either of these.

The Best Indoor Grills for Delicious Cooking – [Buying Guide]

Indoor grills and griddles are a wonderful way to enjoy the taste and simplicity of BBQ cooking all year round, and they are incredibly safe when observing just a few proper safety precautions. The CPSC’s National Electronic Injury Surveillance System (NEISS) estimates that there were nearly 3,000 reported cases of injuries to children under the age of 18 caused by electric (and otherwise unspecified) grills that were treated in hospital in the United States in 2014.

The number of actual injuries is likely to be quite higher than this, as the data from the CPSC reporting system only looked at those injuries which resulted in medical treatment at one of 100 participating hospitals, and minor injuries were likely treated at home or another medical treatment facility not included in the reporting data.

Never leave your indoor grill unattended as fires and burns can happen very quickly. Don’t allow children to use an electric grill without proper supervision. By trimming excess fat from your meats, you’ll reduce the amount of smoke produced when cooking indoors. For this reason, it’s a good idea to use the best indoor grills near a kitchen window or vent. It’s also a good idea to keep a fire extinguisher on hand in case of emergencies.

Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite

Despite its small size and unassuming design, the Cuisinart GR-300WS Griddler Elite indoor grill is one of the most versatile and flexible electric indoor grill options on the market in 2019. Its reversible non-stick grill and griddle plates, along with its easily adjustable top cover, allow it to function as a contact grill, top melt, panini press, full grill, full griddle, or half grill half griddle hybrid, all without needing any additional kitchen equipment.

This versatility makes it a great option for smaller kitchens, effectively eliminating the need for various other useful kitchen gadgets and saving a substantial amount of storage and countertop space. Its adjustable temperature range and the flexibility of its dual temperature zones ensure that you can perfectly cook any food item with ease on the Cuisinart GR 300 WS Griddler Elite indoor electric grill.

George Foreman Rapid Grill Series 5-Serving Removable Plate Electric Indoor Grill and Panini Press

Great for anyone with limited counter or storage space, this George Foreman can be stored upright when you’re not using it! This grill performed solidly in all our Lab evaluations — it was great at pressing paninis, drained grease well, and was easy to clean thanks to dishwasher-safe plates. One thing to keep in mind, it doesn’t have an On/Off switch, so you have to unplug it after every use for safety.

Dash DMG001AQ Mini Maker Portable Grill Machine

For under $15, this mini model from Dash is a dorm room or first apartment must. Great for cooking for one, you can whip up a better-than-average grilled cheese in no time. While it’s cute-factor is off the charts, don’t expect too much in terms of bells and whistles — it doesn’t have On/Off switch, timer or temperature control. Plus, since it doesn’t have grease tray, our Lab pros say it’s best to only use it for lean cuts of meat.