March 2017

All Eyes and Ears

“The relationship between China and the U.S. is often fraught over disagreements on human rights and other issues. This insightful program follows former U.S. ambassador to China Jon Huntsman as he relocates his family, including adopted daughter Gracie Mei, to China. Huntsman and family visit far- reaching areas in China, including Gracie Mei’s former orphanage, trying to interact with citizens as well as local leaders. His trips are carefully structured by the Chinese government and watched by “minders.” As Huntsman searches for diplomatic solutions to global problems, forces within China are seeking change. At the center of these protests is legal-advocate Chen Guangcheng, who wants existing laws to be enforced. Extensive interviews with Hunstman, Guangcheng, and other experts add depth to the coverage. Revealing yet never didactic, this 2015 copyright title will spark discussions on Chinese government policies and related topics.”  Candace Smith