Outcast Films is a distribution company that assists filmmakers in capitalizing on the educational market.

Focused on social justice and environmental issues, our company actively engages educators, community leaders and activists to become personal advocates for your film through targeted outreach and one on one engagement. We work in collaboration with producers to develop and implement strategic marketing and sales initiatives aimed at academic and public library markets as well as community based organizations.

Outcast Films can work with filmmakers in one of three ways: (1) traditional percentage split contract where Outcast Films would hold the exclusive educational rights or (2) a fee-for-hire business model, in which, you, the filmmaker, maintains 100% of your project’s rights and 100% of the profits or (3) as an educational sales consultant. Negotiated terms and conditions are on a case per case basis.


• Develop strategic sales and marketing plans

• Live event bookings (campus, community and conference screenings)

• Order processing, customer service, inventory management and shopping cart services

• Recruit scholars and experts for advocacy work

• Submit films to academic journals and reviewers both online and in print

• Develop study guides

• Organize and execute direct mail and advertising campaigns

• Hourly consultations

The educational market is vast and lucrative but can be daunting for those new to it. Outcast Films and our experienced staff will help maximize your opportunities while minimizing the time it takes to reach your goals.

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About Outcast Films

Outcast Films is a distribution company that assists filmmakers in engaging educators, community leaders and activists around social justice and environmental issues.

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