Welcome!  We’re excited to know that you are interested in hosting a virtual screening using one of our award winning films.
Below you will find useful information to get you started.
Virtual Screenings Using Outcast Films’ Award Winning Documentaries are ideal for many groups including:
  • Educators and teachers looking to include films to complement your current curriculum.
  • Non-profit leaders seeking to generate conversations and inspire action on important issues in your community.
  • Faith-based organizations who wish to enhance their outreach programming for their members.
  • Sustainability managers for government agencies, corporations or enterprise-level organizations looking to offer insightful, thought- provoking programming to your team members.
  • And many more!
We offer two options for our screenings:

Exclusive Live Virtual Events are designed for corporate sustainability managers, educators, conferences programmers and more. Outcast Films oversees all aspects of producing and managing your live virtual screening in collaboration with you and our filmmakers.

Host Your Own Screening is a low-cost alternative for smaller organizations including grassroots groups, activists, faith-based organizations, and more using the film for educational purposes. With this option, you rent a film from Outcast Films using a password protected link.  You are in total control of producing and managing your event.

How Exclusive Live Virtual Events Work:

A Live Virtual Event is produced from the Outcast Films studio offices with the capability of broadcasting the live stream out to an unlimited global audience.

Live Virtual Events include streaming the film and a live Q&A with the filmmaker and access to the entire program for a limited time before and after the screening.  Optional features include organizing online panel discussions for up to 4 people, live graphics, live audience chat and poll questions.

How Host Your Own Screenings Work:

Host Your Own screenings can be either virtual or in-person. Your event must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance of your planned event date.

If hosting a virtual screening, Outcast Films will make the film available to you on our Vimeo streaming platform. Outcast will give you a link and password after payment is received and at least one week prior to your screening. The password will be activated 3 days prior to your event and will stay active 3 days after your planned event date. You will be able to share the link and password with your members as soon as you receive it from Outcast.

If you would like to arrange a Q&A with the filmmaker via a platform such as Zoom, please let us know when you complete the request form. Additional fees will apply to help support the filmmakers, which is a mandate of our mission.

All final costs will be determined by the specifics of your event.

To get started for scheduling your in-person or virtual event, find the film you want, and select the “Schedule a Screening” button. Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours.

Do you have budget concerns?  Multi Group Events may be the perfect solution for you.

If you work for a small non-profit, faith-based organization, activist or impact group, or are a K-12 administrator or teacher, you may qualify for one of our Multi Group Live Events which can be found on our Events calendar.

Multi Group Live Events help minimize the cost of a screening while still allowing you to build an exciting and inspiring community discussions around the more pressing issues facing our world today. Your organization’s members will join with members of other groups interested in the film’s topic, allowing for a more robust conversation and viewing experience.

Multi Group Live Events include a streaming the film, a live Q&A with the filmmaker plus the entire program will be made available to your members for 1 week after the event.  Optional features, depending on the imagination of your particular group, include organizing online panel discussions for up to 4 people, live graphics, live audience chat and poll questions.

Please note: Outcast Films must have paying attendance from a minimum of ten separate groups/organizations for a live event to take place at the scheduled time. Screenings are subject to cancellation if this attendee threshold is not met.

Check out our Event Calendar for upcoming Multi Group Live Events but if you do not see a date that works for you, please email us at info@outcast-films.com to learn how to organize your own Multi Group Live Event.

Schedule a Screening and Host a Filmmaker Q&A