April 2017

Growing Up Coy

Even as a four-year-old boy, Coy gravitated toward feminine toys, colors, and behaviors. Initially reluctant, Coy’s parents let their child identify as a girl, but at school, the six-year-old is not allowed to use the girls’ washroom. With an impending court battle and with the assistance of a civil rights lawyer and child psychologist, the family goes public with their battle. In television and print interviews, the parents plead Coy’s case, with mixed responses. Some are supportive, but others in the conservative Colorado community where the family live accuse the parents of encouraging immoral actions. Talk-show hosts and audiences across the country argue the case in the media. Coy tires of the spotlight and becomes moody; parents and siblings deal with the fallout. This enlightening program does a good job showing the far- reaching effects of difficult parental decisions, underscoring the need for support and opening up discussions about how far parents should go to fight for the rights of their children. — Candace Smith