Booklist Review
First published
October 14, 2014 (Booklist Online).

Shored Up

Sandy beaches and beautiful ocean views are the dreams of many. But dreams can become nightmares when severe weather, eroding sand, and rising water levels decimate the shoreline. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast, wiping out neighborhoods and scattering possessions. Interviewed survivors in New Jersey talk about seeing their household goods “on the curb” and making decisions about rebuilding. In North Carolina, Outer Banks residents worry about disappearing shorelines yet decry attempts by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to put in artificial barriers to curb erosion. Efforts to restore beaches with costly sand-reclamation projects are wiped out when devastating storms hit the region. Experts debate questions of who should finance beach-replenishment projects and the wisdom of continuing to develop and build houses on endangered coastal regions. This thought-provoking video sparks discussion for environmentalists and those directly affected by beach erosion. Extras include an interview with director Ben Kalina.  Candace Smith