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“As stated on its website,  ‘Children of Srikandi’ is the first film by queer women about queer women from Indonesia.  In addition to the crucial issues addressed… the transnational collaborative processes should be underlined as they would potentially lead to more affiliations and exchanges on gender and sexuality issues in a wider cinematic and social landscape.”

“The film’s tagline, ‘breaking the code of silence,’ is not an overstatement since silence was (and is still) pervasive. Hence, despite the limited space for exploration, the filmmakers have courageously presented their views on various issues, ranging from the memory of growing up as queer, the tension with their families and religion, and confining labels given in the society (as well as within their own lesbian circles). The value of ‘Children of Srikandi’ lies in its process, of ‘coming out’ as a collective, and within it filmmakers help one another as actors and collaborators.”Intan Paramaditha, Pacific Affairs: Volume 86, No. 4 – December 2013

“Intercut with evocative Indonesian shadow theatre and poetic stories, ‘Children of Srikandi’ is a poignant film which explores gender, sexuality, class and religiosity through the voices of queer women in Indonesia. Using the mythological figure of Srikandi as a beacon for transgendered people we are reminded of the fluidity of gender through art and compelling personal narratives.” Nandini Sikand, Assistant Professor, Lafayette College, Film and Media Studies

“’Children of Srikandi’ is the exact film that should emerge from contemporary queer Indonesia, where homosexuality is technically legal yet remains taboo. With its eight chapters each shot in a different mode, by eight different first-time filmmakers, but connected through the traditional wayang kulit (shadow theater), ‘Children of Srikandi’ creatively and articulately engages the complexity and dynamism of Indonesians’ attitudes toward questions of gender, sexuality, kinship, and embodiment.” Brian Bergen-Aurand Assistant Professor English and Film School of Humanities and Social Sciences Nanyang Technological University

“This film gives a unique and moving insight into the lives and dreams of members of one of the most abjected groups in Indonesia, young lesbian women. Telling their own stories, of love and pain, they demonstrate their courage and perseverance.” Saskia Wieringa, University of Amsterdam

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