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“The Risky Business of Building on Sand” Maureen Nandini MitraEarth Island Journal  Read the full review here

“Ben Kalina’s ‘Shored Up’ is a powerful and profound treatment of climate change as both a global and local issue. Its careful and penetrating analysis of the impacts of rising seas on local beach communities, and the complex political and economic issues that are emerging as a result, move us beyond sobering predictions about the future to a better understanding of the specific problems and challenges that are already emerging as a result of climate change. The film is professionally-produced and highly entertaining, featuring an engaging soundtrack and interviews with a wide range of relevant individuals, from people devastated by Hurricane Sandy to climate scientists, local politicians, and even surfers. The film thus manages to be both educational and entertaining. Highly Recommended.” Ben Redekop, Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Leadership and American Studies, Christopher Newport University.

“The film touches on, but does not dwell over, the troubled political fault lines that so quickly polarize many environmental debates.  The director provides ample space for both sides of the argument to be heard and helps the viewer to understand the many facets of this debate while coming to their own conclusions. ” Scott Mackenzie, Global Policy Review

“‘Shored Up’ leaves no sand grain unturned; every perspective is brought together to capture wisdom and ironic lessons as New Jersey and North Carolina grapple with accelerating sea level rise before and after Hurricane Sandy. It is a gripping tale about human nature and how we try to prevail over the tremendous forces of nature that can be episodic and terrifying at times. ‘Shored Up’ portrays how all of us, even taxpayers who live far away from the U.S. East Coast, are a part of this story. At the heart of the film are the wise and insightful comments by surfers, artists, mayors, scientists, and coastal residents. Understanding the causes of sea level rise presents challenges for deciding long-term solutions while communities struggle with short-term ‘fixes’ for coastal erosion and storm surges of today.” Brenda Ekwurzel, Senior Climate Scientist, Union of Concerned Scientists

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