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“It is film about how the system works and how we are connected. Everyone fundamentally is looking out for their own.” – Director Rachel Boynton from interview in Humanosphere.
“Meet Big Oli’s ‘Big Men’ in Nigeria and Ghana”

“While Boynton’s film is not an explicit moral meditation or fable on good and evil, it certainly has elements of the genres, forcing the viewer to ask critical questions about the nature of oil politics — as in who should control the development, exploitation and use of that most prized commodity?” Chris Herlinger, National Catholic Reporter
“Documentary delves into players in the dangerous game of oil”

“(Boynton) goes inside board rooms and presidential living rooms, onto oil rigs and the floor of the New York Stock Exchange and weaves together a nuanced tale of global capital, local politics, and the magnetic pull of treasure buried deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean floor. Ian Gary, Oxfam America
“Big Men” documentary a backstage pass to Big Oil drama

No single perspective is elevated above the others by the filmmakers, instead, each is given equal space to state their case. The effect is to provide a glimpse into the hugely complex sector of oil (and other extractive resources) production, and into corporate/government relations.” John Campbell, Council on Foreign Relations
Big Men”: Ghana, Nigeria, and the United States

“It presents the story of big oil in Africa in a way that reflects the nuanced nature of the subject. Its reflection of reality is as insightful as it is troubling, and it is worth watching.” Adiel Suarez-Murias, Alliance for Peacebuilding
Big Men”: A Film by Rachel Boynton


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