Riot Acts

A film by Madsen Minax
72 minutes, color, USA, 2009
DVD includes: Closed Captions, Chapter Markers, Bonus Scenes


“Riot Acts” is a “trans-fabulous” rockumentary representing the multi-dimensional lives of transgender and gender variant musicians. A first-hand perspective of the intersections between gender performance and stage performance, “Riot Acts” suggests that identities and bodies are undeniably political, and the journey within a trans experience isn’t always one of tragedy, but one of creativity and joy.


“What director Madsen Minax doesn’t do is label the performers. ‘Riot Acts’ spotlights and identifies the names of a wealth of artists…but the movie never tries to shoehorn them into the biology-is-destiny square pegs of mainstream mediaspeak…’Riot Acts’ is one of those few documentaries that succeeds because of what it choose not to tell you.” Baltimore City Paper

“‘Riot Acts’ enthusiasm is infectious!”Jason Barker, London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival

“‘Riot Acts’ discusses the realities of being a trans musician with the kind of candidness that only a ‘by us for us’ project allows…!” Baltimore Radar

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