More Reviews – Damned If You Don’t

“Rules of the Road”

“…the light, almost whimsical tone of the film should not blind us to the part of it that is irreducibly personal. Station wagons are everywhere; everybody’s got a sad love story. But only one filmmaker, to my knowledge, has Su Friedrich’s eye….With Rules of the Road, she creates a film like a perfect short story.” Stuart Klawans, THE NATION

“A study of the kind of separation anxiety that never makes it to the therapist, a funeral parade for a love that gets comically, and ironically, stuck in traffic.” Susan Gerhard, SAN FRANCISCO BAY GUARDIAN

“First Comes Love”

“Friedrich is able to convey a very complicated range of emotions with incredible precision. You want to get married, you’re freaked out by marriage. Gay or straight, you’re blown away!”Sarah Schulman, Author, After Delores

“Throughout, Friedrich keeps a gracious distance, building a critique that doesn’t patronize the very real, very naked emotion she captures. A virtuoso of clarity, Friedrich recasts the personal as political, makes the public curiously intimate.”Manohla Dargis, THE VILLAGE VOICE

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