Shored Up

A film by Ben Kalina
84 minutes, color, USA, 2013
DVD includes: Closed Captions, Chapter Markers, Subject Selections


When Superstorm Sandy devastated the East Coast, it was a wake up call to a new reality. “Shored Up” takes us to the heart of this climate change controversy, following communities in New Jersey and North Carolina where politics, economics and science collide. Beginning 3 years before Sandy hit and following the debates over beach replenishment and other attempts to hold back the sea, “Shored Up” is a convincing call for action along our coasts. As the oceans rise and storms flood our towns and cities, we have a choice to make: do we continue to develop as we have in the past, ignoring clear risks and danger? Or, do we allow science to guide our policies for the future…before it’s too late?


“Highly Recommended.  ‘Shored Up’ excels at showing the conflicting interests at play. It provides a great overview of the effects that climate change is having on coastal communities and provides a disturbing portrait of how those who have economic interests in these areas have their heads in the sand, so to speak.”

EMRO  Read the full review here

“Recommended. ‘Shored Up’ features an impressive array of interviewees on all sides of the issue, but clearly represents the view that this problem—exacerbated by climate change—will only worsen, and that serious fact-based discussion should become an urgent priority among decision-makers and the general public.”

Frank Swietek, Video Librarian Read the full review here

“Efforts to restore beaches with costly sand-reclamation projects are wiped out when devastating storms hit the region. Experts debate questions of who should finance beach-replenishment projects and the wisdom of continuing to develop and build houses on endangered coastal regions. This thought-provoking video sparks discussion for environmentalists and those directly affected by beach erosion.”

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